List of split topics (role play zone) UPDATED [8/7/14]

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Sticky - Closed List of split topics (role play zone) UPDATED [8/7/14]

Post  Flora flower on Thu Jun 19, 2014 11:11 am

Hello! Well as some of you know we have a limitation on topic's pages , that means if a topic reaches to 112 pages it will split into two topics.
It hasn't happened in many topics yet but we thought it would be good to create a topic before that and because role play zone is nearly reaching to it I thought it would be good to start from here.

So what you can do?

 Arrow If your topics in role play zone has split into two please post the links here.

 Arrow If you think you don't need the first part of your topic you can tell us to delete it.

The list of the split topics:

Rido Returns For revenge! - Vampire knight

-Part 1
-Part 2
-Part 3

A Cinderella Story
-Part 1
-Part 2

Guilt - Vampire Knight
-Part 1

Naruto RPG - Kristaju
-Part 1
-Part 2

Flora flower

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Sticky - Closed Re: List of split topics (role play zone) UPDATED [8/7/14]

Post  juleic1123 on Sun Jun 19, 2016 3:49 am

We'll soon update the list again.



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