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Announcement - Closed ★ Hall Of Fame ★

Post  thedoniee on Fri Jun 20, 2014 8:56 pm

Hello everyone and welcome to:

On the contests held in the forum, we were shown amazing works by our incredibly talented members. Therefore, we dedicate this gallery to all of the winners so we can always remember each one of them. Enjoy!



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Announcement - Closed Re: ★ Hall Of Fame ★

Post  thedoniee on Fri Jun 20, 2014 9:12 pm

The winners:

-1st place: ScarletDrakon

ScarletDrakon's entry

-2nd place: Briadah

Briadah's entry

-3rd place: conflictedcolours

conflictedcolours' entry



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Announcement - Closed Re: ★ Hall Of Fame ★

Post  thedoniee on Sat Jul 26, 2014 12:22 pm

World Blood Donor Day Contest

The winners:

-1st place: Pennysns

Pennysns' entry:
Blood Red - Oneshot

I was sick. Really sick. Id been vomiting all week when my mom decided that she was going to take her to the hospital whether I liked it or not. And honestly, I'd rather not be in a hospital.
Who am I? Ah yes, my name is Sophie Whitemare. I'm your average teenager from Brooklyn. Talkative. Stubborn. Everything. I'm not a looker, but I like to believe I am. I have a shock of blonde hair that reach the end of my back (if you include split ends). I have two bangs parted towards the right side of my head with a hint of purple at the bottom (I decided to disobey mom and get my hair streaked. Sue me if you want to, but I'm like that). My skin is pale. And I mean really pale. I don't like going outside just like some kids don't like books. I have slanted blue eyes, and thin, bronze eyebrows that arch over my eyes.

Back to business. I'd gotten to the hospital. It was a white building with a sense of formality with the infamous red cross that was present on any first-aid kit. I walked in, all while resisting the urge to puke once again. The hospital was a big haze. My legs followed my mother's footsteps. My brain felt detached from my body. Finally I reached a room titled 'DOCTOR NATHANIEL'. My mother opened the door and I went in. Inside sat a man in his late thirties. He had light brown hair and his eyes were crinkled at the edges to show that he smiled a lot.
 Thankfully, mom took over question time. The doctor asked me questions like, "How long has this been happening." and "What food did you eat?" He finally concluded that I had in-digested something. That was the bright side. The bad side; I had to spend a week in the hospital. The environment was 'germ free' and bleh. My mom left me at the hospital promising to come back later with my jammies. Doctor Nathaniel ushered me to a room down the corridor. It was full of pristine white beds. Many of those were full of kide my age. He told me to take any bed I wanted. I took a bed near a girl who looked like she'd been crying.


I was awake way past lights-out. And so was the girl next to her. The girl had a face that was practically a freckle garden. Green eyes, which looked as if they might kill you. She had a light tan to her skin and the smell of the sea. The girl had short red hair that reached her shoulders.

"Soo... Um, hi, I guess." I was awkward, but this was just embarrassing.
"Hi." she said it stiffly, as if she were obliged to. I didn't expect her to continue but she did, "Look, Cupcake. I know what you're going to say. I don't want any questions about me, my sickness or anything related to me. So shut up. I'll tell you the basics, I was in an accident recently, huge blood loss. My name is Ella. I'm 16. That's all sweetie."
I decided to be nicer. Out of politeness. I didn't like this girl. "I'm Sophie. Nice to meet you too." I threw in a little bit of sarcasm, because, why not?
Ella got the hint and stopped talking.
"Look," I said, "I'm not going to be here long, and I'm sorry for being rude. How about we start again."
She eased up a little bit, "Guess I should apologize too. the last visitor.. well it wasn't a very pleasant visit."

We talked all night. Ella had been into video games, her favourite one was called 'Final Fantasy'. She talked about this character called 'Lightening'. Me and Ella both shared this love for music. Ella had snuck her MP3, and I listened to her favourite song, 'Brave' by Sara Bareilles. I liked her. She was nice, if you counted out our initial start.


The week was full of tests. I had various tests to check the contents in my stomach.  Ella... well, she wouldn't say. But she looked worse and worse everytime she came back. Once, she asked me about my blood type.
"O negative." I said
"I see..." she seemed a little crestfallen, "If you had B negative... Oh nevermind. It doesn't matter."

From her tone, I could sense the matter was closed. But I couldn't help asking when I found her crying on the last night of my stay.
"Gods, I don't have much longer to live. I know that very well. Remember the first time I met you? I said 'the last visitor'. My boyfriend dumped me when he found out. I... I'm practically a corpse anyway. No one bothered to give me their blood. I won't live long. I know that." I tried to console her, but she faked sleeping. I didn't want to make her feel worse.

No one bothered to give me their blood. That's what bothered me. Who wouldn't care about a young girl. Why don't people look at blood donation as they do to cancer. I thought.

I repeated the words of a song I'd recently heard. It was titled Still I Fly

There's a time, in your life
when the world, isn't on your side.
You might not feel it, you might not see it
but it surrounds you like a light

I'm never letting go
Gotta learn to grow
Watch me as I touch the sky

I fell asleep somewhere during the lyrics.
The next day was like as if 'the world isn't on your side.'


Ella had been coughing up blood last night. And I didn't even notice. It didn't matter. She was dead now. Her lightly tanned skin was now paper white, and brittle. I hadn't lost somebody close in a long time. And it hurt. It hurt so bad.

I wanted to scream at her to come back. For her to say, "I tricked you!" But it didn't happen.
Someone closed her eyes. I hate it when people treat death like sleep. It isn't sleep.

I was really angry too, no on had bothered about a young girl who had sustained blood loss in an accident. I wanted to strangle someone. Of course, I didn't. When my mom came, I guessed someone had explained the situation to her, because she came into the room with an 'it's okay dear' look.
I remembered the lyrics again.

Now I know what I gotta do.
Find a dream that's true
Give it all I've all got this time
Still I fly

She's going to her dream. I smiled a small smile.
I promise, I'll make them re-think their ideas on donating blood. I swear. I felt a breeze, even though there was no wind.

Words: 1148
Date Written: 2014-07-11
POV: Sophie Whitemare
Fanfic... etc: Oneshot - Original
Songs: Still I Fly

-2nd place: ScarletDrakon

ScarletDrakon's entry:
The Story of Alexis Doe

Hello, how are you today? A little happy, a little sad, a little mellow, a little glad? I’m a little blue myself. You know, that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that when you know something is suppose to go wrong though you don’t know what it is. Anxious for almost every reason, and a little sad that I am feeling anxious and have every reason to be so. A little state I call blue while the rest of the world might call it despair. I know, I know… A dumb little state I know. But that’s how I feel. Blue.

Though I don’t know what to really call you. How about Rob, short for Robert or Roberta if you’re a boy or a girl, as I can’t really tell anymore. I guess you’re wondering what I’m here for. Clearly, you can see me and hear me. Though for all I know you might be my little imaginary friend from when I was six. But you still want to know why I’m here? I guess I should show you why I’m here, as it started about two days ago…

The alabaster moonlight was shining down the streets from the full moon above. It’s gentle moonbeams easily vanishing into the black asphalt of the streets while the stars above gently shined. Though some of those very stars hid their face behind the dark gray clouds above. In a matter of moments a dark red Pilot dashed through the moonlight heading down the asphalt only to come to a stop at the stoplight only a few meters away. The turn signal pulsing a light orange light on the left side of the car, and once the light on the stoplight turned green did the car slowly start to turn. Though only to be meet by a white truck blindsiding the Pilot taking the small car through the intersection with it before causing it to roll over and over until it came to a stop. Leaving the wheels of the car facing upwards towards the same alabaster moon.

Desperate shouts came from those on the sidewalks around the intersection. Yelps of distress at the scene, and shouts of confusion could be heard all around the scene. Cars started stopping to look at the scene, while horns roared off in the distance trying to get things to move once more. At that moment the man, in about his late forties came climbing out of his car, the white truck. A slight trickle of blood coming from his black flat hair, causing it to roll down his face and drop off his chin. His eyes shuffled in shock and fear as he looked at the over turned Pilot that he had hit only moments before. His eyes quickly shot over to the people on the sidewalk, and his shout managed to ring out above the noise around them.

“Call 911!”

In a matter of moments after his shout a battalion of phones started to appear, and one by one started going up to peoples ears. Though the man’s eyes slowly shifted to the other car once more, while tears started to fall from his eyes.

“I’m sorry… I’m oh so sorry…”

The words he chocked on as he knelt to the ground. His tears started hitting the asphalt, while sirens started to roar in the distance. While red and blue lights painted the scene.

“I’m… sorry…”

I guess you should know, Rob. The man in the truck had been driving for the entire day… his name I believe was Jordan Wellspring… he was traveling all the way from his work across the country and was trying to make it home to surprise his wife… and he had fallen asleep at the wheel due to driving too long and not taking any rest. While in the car he hit… there were three people. The male in the driver’s seat was killed in an instant… as was the female in the passenger seat. The male’s sunglasses were broken on the floor and the female’s make up bag was ripped open scattering several items of make-up across the roadway. Though the one child in the backseat managed to hold on, though was loosing blood. By the time the police had gotten there the child was only barely conscious because of the loss of blood. Only hearing echoes of the scene outside though wasn’t strong enough to shout out for help. Once the fire trucks and the paramedics had arrived the child was already unconscious and slipping. The child never even noticed that they had free it from the car, bandaged the wounds, and had gotten into an ambulance to be taken to the hospital. Shall we see the hospital in the present time, Rob? Come on, it isn’t that bad. Anyways you were the one that wanted to know.

The sky outside the windows of the hospital on the second floor was nothing but gray. Gray clouds covering the sun from view of the world itself, though the focus shifted as the door hinges creaked as a woman dressed in light sky blue scrubs slowly walked into the room. In her hands was a clipboard and a pen above her left ear, though her marine green eyes where gently on the bed in the room, or more like the person in it.

Laying on the bed, covered by the sheets as well, was a young girl. Another nurse had tied her blond hair back in a ponytail only moments earlier that day. Mainly so the doctors could get the air hose around her face and so her hair wouldn’t block the flow of oxygen. Though her arms were covered with dressings and bandages, of different kinds and shapes, though through some of the white ones a light red color was bleeding through.

The pity showed in the nurse’s eyes, as with her free hand she gently petted the unconscious girl’s head. Though her eyes quietly shifted to the IV post by the bed, with the pouch hanging from it held a dark crimson liquid as it gently ran down to the girl’s right arm. Though it was almost empty. The nurse gave a heavy sigh as she slowly walked back over to the door to the room, the hinging announcing the room of her departure.

Her worried eyes slowly adjusted to the dimly lit hallway of the second floor, while her hand slowly raised to the pen above her ear. Her slender fingers wrapped around the base of the pen as she gently slide it out from above her ears. Her fingers shifted it around in her hand as she took it to the clipboard with a cream colored paper on it. The pen clicked as she slowly brought it towards the paper, though in the dim light the writing on the paper in dark blue or black ink was readable.

Patient’s name, Alexis Doe. Patient’s age, twelve years old. Patient’s Gender, female. Patient’s Parent or Guardian, John Doe – deceased; Jane Doe – deceased. Patient’s Condition, suffering from moderate to severe cuts on lower arms and legs; possible concussion to the head – X-Ray shows negative; severe blood loss – transfusion required for survival.

A sigh slowly escaped the nurse’s pink lips as she slowly written down on the paper next to transfusion required for survival, “Another transfusion required”. Her eyes slowly came up from the cream paper and shot down the hallway as she managed to see one person in the hallway walking towards her.

“Ah, Nurse Jones. How is Alexis today?” The figure asked in a masculine voice as it stepped into the dim light. Showing his dark maple brown hair, with patches of gray along the sides of it. His medium gray irises looked at the nurse while his long white coat with a medium plastic badge hanging onto the pocket.  The badge easily read Doctor Marten Weatherfield.

“No change… Though I’m afraid she’s getting worse…” The words slowly trickled out of the nurse’s mouth. Though her eyes slowly shifted back and forth, even though as much as she tried to hide it the worry still broke through her mask.

“Well… I’m afraid there isn’t much else we could do…” The doctor said with a sigh as he shifted his left hand through hair and his eyes firmly closed. The look on his face should his emotion very well. A look of defeat.

“Can’t we just get her another transfusion?” The nurse quickly question as her hand gripped tightly onto the clipboard once again. While her lips slightly formed into a frown, as the worry on her face started to come through even more.

“I wish we could. Though the transfusion she has is all of the correct blood type we have for her…” The doctor said as he moved his hand down from his hair then stuffing both of them in to the pockets of his coat. His eyes slowly reopening showing that he didn’t like it either. “Though Region has the correct blood for her, it won’t get here in time.”

“Can we ask for donors? As surely someone in this time has to have her blood type.” The nurse insisted once more as the clipboard moved to her side and her hand gripped tightly onto the pen.

“We have people downstairs doing that, but so far no one has come forward…” The doctor said as a tone of sadness dripped of his words. “If only someone would donate then maybe…”

At the moment a young woman came running down the hallway, the echoes of her footsteps alerting the doctor and the nurse before she had even reached them. The woman slowly came to a stop and panted for a moment in a slightly crouched position before standing straight up once more. “Doctor Weatherfield… Alexis’s relatives have just come in… they’re waiting in your office…”

“Are they of the right blood type?” The doctor quickly asked at that point, a glimmer of hope shinning in his eyes. Though the young woman looked down at the floor as she shook her head, no. A sigh escaped the doctor’s mouth as the glimmer slowly vanished. “Alright… come along Nurse Jones… as this is the worst part of my job…”

“And what is that?” The nurse curiously asked, while the bottom of her stomach rolled. Making it sure that she wouldn’t like the answer to that question.

“Telling any patient’s family members that we can’t save them.” The doctor grimly answered as he slowly started walking down the hallway. His shoes making echoes in the hall, while the nurse slowly followed behind him. Two echoes going down the hallway, one after another until one echo had vanished. Then slowly the other echo started to vanish, leaving nothing but silence in the gloomy halls.

Rob, did you see that girl in the bed in the gloomy hospital bed? She is me. Even though I can’t talk to the doctors, I still can hear them. They say in the accident I lost a lot of blood, and while my deficiency of iron I can’t make a lot of blood myself… They say a transfusion is my only hope of living. Though you saw it yourself… the transfusion is running out… and any other blood they have doesn’t match my blood type. Oh, Rob… I’m scared… I’m so very scared…

My name… my name is Alexis Doe… I am only twelve years old… I want to be a mother… I want to find love… I want to have children… but now. I may not ever be able to do so. My blood type is B positive… so please… Rob, if you know anyone that is B positive… well anyone that can give blood… please tell them my story. The story of Alexis Doe, the girl who had plans but because of not enough donors those plans might never be filled.

Good-bye Rob…

-3rd place: Briadah

Briadah's entry:

Same Blood

So, hi. I'm going to be your narrator for today and even though you might feel that I'm a horrible story teller, I urge you to read on. So here I go, and try not to dose off.

So there it was. An car accident on a rainy day. Something so common place all over the planet, but that didn't make it any less painful. The speeding cab had skipped a red light and a car had come from the side and hit it. The cab had spilled out two people - one, the cab driver and second, the pregnant passenger.
Were they dead? No. At least not yet.
They were immediately rushed to the Emergency ward and the woman, being with child, was given first preference.  The nurses and doctor circled her and checked if everything was okay, but unfortunately she was bleeding from below. They believed the baby was dead and realised that the lady was in labour. They prepared to perform a c-section and remove the baby, that would turn more poisonous to the mother the longer they waited, but they needed more blood. But the lady had a rare type of blood; she was an AB+ and if they couldn't find the blood in 5 minutes, they would have to abandon the woman's life aswell.
But those 5 minutes came and went. No one came with the blood. And so the doctor prepared to take out the baby without waiting any longer and only prayed everything would work out well. But just as he was about to insert his knife into her womb, a donor came. A guardian angel.
The surgeon and his group began to operate with renewed hope. And they all witnessed a miracle. A baby miracle.
Don't you see! A baby did indeed die, but what the doctors didn't see was that there were TWO children inside her. She had the case of the rare Disappearing Twin Syndrome.
And so everything went well and the mother was rewarded with a child. But this was a long time ago.

She's now a 47 year old woman, who's the mother of two teens named Aleena (16) and Alistair (13), who still wonders who that donor was and how she would be forever indebted to that person. And so as a tribute, she donates blood every 6 months.
And I know she keeps that promise because I've seen her here since then, every January and July. You see I'm the oldest janitor of this hospital and we've become good friends through out the years. And even though we share so much about our lives to each other, I've kept back one thing from her and that is ... well, I'm an AB+ too!  



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Halloween Contest | Winners

Art Category: CrimsonIzanagi

CrimsonIzanagi's entry

Tasty Treat Category: eliment

eliment's entries

Writing Category: magicadreamer

magicadreamer's entry:
(P.S.: For best effects, read this at night all alone, and with the lights turned out to make it even better!)

Dear Bear

It was 11 PM. My parents always believed that I should sleep by 9. They tuck me to bed, kiss me good night, turn off the lights and close the door every night. 5 minutes later, I would stealthily walk across the room, lock my door, switch on the lights and play Castlevania on my NES every night.

Halfway through the game, as I was quietly wondering how foolish my parents were to treat me like a baby even though I was a guy of 15 years of age, I heard a tiny creak. I turned my head towards the door. It wasn’t open. Of course it wasn’t open, I had locked it myself. But the creak I heard was definitely a door’s creak. I shrugged, and continued with my game.

A while later, I heard another creak. I turned my head again, towards the door, and found nothing. The sound was coming from the door, that I was sure of. Pausing the game, I stood up from the ground and walked to the door. Sure enough, it was locked. I tried giving it a push, to see if it created a creaking noise.

It didn’t budge.

I unlocked the door and opened it wide enough for my head to peek. I looked out through the hallway. It was dark and the lights were out, so I couldn’t really see much. It would be troublesome if I switched on the hallway lights and my parents caught me awake at 12:15 in the morning. I took out the pocket torch from my drawer and flashed it across the hallway. The beam of the torchlight was moving around aimlessly due to my waving of the torch in all directions, when I suddenly caught sight of something brown near the edge of the staircase.

Curious, I walked quietly to where the brown thing was. I picked it up. It was fluffy. I flashed my torchlight on to it. It was a bear. It had beads for eyes, a ribbon around its neck (so tight that it would normally strangle a real bear to death) and a folded paper stapled on to its right arm. I took out the paper. Inside was a note.

‘H a p p y     H a l l o w e e n     N i c k . ‘

The handwriting was weird, with huge gaps around the long cursive handwriting. It almost reminded me of a spider, god knows for whatever reason. I wondered who gave it to me. It couldn’t be Arnold, for sure. He was just my 6 year old brother. 6 year olds can’t write cursives like these, unless they’re prodigies which Arnold is absolutely not.

It said ‘Happy Halloween’. I thought about the date. It was the morning of the 31st of October, alright. Would my parents have done this? It was highly unlikely, given that they slept at the stroke of 9, and woke up at 5 in the morning, like robots and never once woke up during that time duration. The possibility was still there though. Confused, I went back to my room, the tiny fluffy bear in one hand and the note in the other, while torchlight went into the pockets of my pajamas.

I put down the note and the bear on my study desk, and plopped on the floor for more Castlevania. The moment I selected resume, the TV shut down. I stared at the screen for a good 10 seconds, blinking blankly at it, until realizing the ridiculous timing of the events. What was happening, seriously? Why would the TV just switch off? The light were still on. I stood up and walked over to the TV, checking for loose plugs. The main TV plug was lying on the floor, far too away from the socket to have loosened and fallen off. The weird thing was that I also noticed some scratches on the plug, which was very strange since I had been doing maintenance of the TV just the day before. I let the thought drift away and put the TV plug back into the socket.

The TV refused to switch on, no matter what I did.

Frustrated, I gave up 10 minutes later and decided to just go to sleep. Just as I was about to turn the lights out, I heard another creaking sound, only this was louder and it seemed more like screeching. It was a terrible noise, I had to say that. This time I was sure the sound had come from within the room. I looked around the messy room nervously. My eyes stopped upon seeing the bear.

It was facing the wall.

I clearly recalled placing the bear in the opposite direction, that would be facing me. As I shakily turned the bear around, that’s when I saw it.

There were huge scratches on the wall behind the bear. These were not humanly possible, for the scratches were so long, it hinted they were claw marks of an animal, no, a beast. I started feeling a little uncomfortable. My eyes happened to notice the open folded note, and I was utterly shocked at what I saw.

‘D o     y o u     l i k e     T r i c k     o r     T r e a t ?’

I felt myself go pale. This was the same paper I had found with the bear. How did the message change? Was I dreaming? Was this all just a bad nightmare? I grabbed the bear and looked at it. It stared back at me with those expressionless beady eyes, black all over and the surface reflecting upon it. I knew something was terribly wrong with the wretched fluffy thing. I tore the note until only bits remained, and opened my window and threw the bear as hard as I could. I watched as the bear crashed into the lake. And that lake was pretty deep. I shut the windows and turned out the lights and went to bed. I slept almost instantly, I think.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, I woke up with a start. I checked the time on my mobile, 2:53 AM. I groaned softly and drifted back to sleep, when I heard it.

A screech. So loud, my ear drums could have burst.

I immediately regained consciousness and put my hands over my ears. Unlike the other times, this screech was stretching on for what seemed like forever. To make matters worse, they were growing louder with each second passing by. At one point of time, the terrible noise got so loud that I had started screaming in fear.

I was hoping my parents would burst into my room with the police, since the screeching would have deafened the entire neighborhood by now. But no one came.

I had started crying and yelling and shouting, because I couldn’t understand what was happening. My vocal chords hurt, but that didn’t stop me from screaming any louder. My heart was pounding against my chest so hard that I thought I would explode. I was scared for my life. I didn’t know what to do.

At some point of time, I just fell asleep out of fatigue.

The next time I woke up, it was morning. I checked my mobile. 8:21 AM. I yawned, still exhausted. Then the previous night all came back to me.

I cleared my throat, thinking my vocal chords may be rusty today because of all the screaming. I was more than surprised to find my voice clear as honey.

I checked for the claw marks. They were gone. I also checked if the TV was working. It worked just as smooth like any other day. There weren’t any scratches on the plug either. I guess all that must have been just a really bad nightmare.

As I descended down the staircase and sat on the couch yawning, with dad reading a newspaper, Arnold rushed out from the kitchen and hugged me really tightly.

“Ow, whoa. Arnie, what’s up with the sudden hugging? I can’t breathe!” I faked dying out of breath and dropping onto the couch. Arnold giggled at my act.

“Very funny, Nicky. I hugged you because of your surprise present!” He replied happily, and gave me the biggest smile I had ever seen.

“Arnold, what gift are you talking about?” I asked. I was never one to plan presents for people beforehand, so this was absolutely not my doing.

My mother called out from the kitchen. “Oh Nick, you can be so secretive sometimes. How nice it is of you to give him a present for Halloween. Even though Halloween isn’t about exchanging gifts.”

I was utterly confused, so my brother became my guide as he pulled me into the kitchen. On the counter, there it was. His gift.

The small brown fluffy and not even wet bear with beads for eyes, a ribbon around its neck too tight and a folded paper stapled on to its right arm.

‘I     l i k e     T r i c k     m o r e     t h a n     T r e a t . H o w     a b o u t     y o u?’

/// E  N  D ///



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Announcement - Closed Re: ★ Hall Of Fame ★

Post  thedoniee on Fri May 27, 2016 11:54 pm


The winners:

-1st place: CrimsonIzanagi

CrimsonIzanagi's entry:

@CrimsonIzanagi wrote:

The plants used for inspiration:
1.) Iris Reticulata

2.) Forsythia

3.) Snapdragons

4.) Peony

5.) Rhododendron






-2nd place: Briadah

Briadah's entry:

@Briadah wrote:

The plants I used for inspiration:
5)Blue Bells


-3rd place: xSwimmiex

xSwimmiex's entry:

@xSwimmiex wrote:
The plants used for inspiration:
I used cultures as well, to make things interesting for me, so here they are:
Tecna: Victorian - Sakura Blossoms
Stella: French - Camellia
Musa: Chinese - Lilacs
Flora: Pakistani - "Acoma" Iris
Bloom: Japanese - Scilla Sciberica (sorry for the spellings ><)

Full size.

-4th place: Musa_Eyre

Musa_Eyre's entry:

@Musa_Eyre wrote:
The plants used for inspiration: Daisy




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Announcement - Closed Re: ★ Hall Of Fame ★

Post  harpa on Sat Jul 02, 2016 12:21 pm

→ Winx Attend a Concert Contest ♥

The winners:

→ 1st place: Harpa

Harpa's entry:

→ 2nd place: Marceline Saga

Marceline Saga's entry:

→ 3rd place: Juleic1123

Juleic1123's entry:



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Announcement - Closed Re: ★ Hall Of Fame ★

Post  harpa on Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:02 pm

✿ Design a Name #2 (Global Contest) (August 2016) ✿

Theme: Create a new name for the Web Avatar! The winner will have it's name chosen to replace it.

1st place: Vega (WinxID)

2nd place: Kloklofairy (Winxie)

3rd place: Juleic1123 (My Fashion Fairy)

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Announcement - Closed Re: ★ Hall Of Fame ★

Post  harpa on Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:07 pm

✿ Bloom & Kiko's Portrait Challenge (September 2016) ✿

Theme: The goal is simple. All you need to do is draw the portrait of Bloom and Kiko with the best of your ability.

1st place: Harpa

Harpa's entry::

2nd place: Juleic1123

Juleic1123's entry::

3rd place: WinxFan654

WinxFan654's entry::



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Announcement - Closed Re: ★ Hall Of Fame ★

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