Neoline Boarding School - Can Destiny be Change? Accepting Starting - Read Start Post before Posting

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Post  CrimsonIzanagi on Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:50 pm

eliza arendell rinne .;.;.
ella .;.;.
seventeen .;.;.
female .;.;.
shrine maiden .;.;.

"Alrighty!" came the voice of one overly hyper Eliza Arendell Rinne. With a large cheesy smile on her face and her unruly maple brown hair shifting around behind her, while her school uniform wasn't the prettiest or neatest in the it did suit her style, slightly off kilter and more wrinkled than an piece of clothing could be if it had been hit with several hammers then thrown in the closet. Though with the look on her face she didn't seem to care much about how the uniform looked, and a joyful shine in her eyes as she headed out of her room in the sophomore tower that was her's last year, mostly because she wanted to see it one last time before moving to her new dorm room. Having arrived at the school early for once in her life, just to drop off her stuff and get ready for the opening ceremony. Which last years she had set off several fireworks with a snap of her fingers and destroyed some of the decorations. Yet, with two large navy tote bags in her hands and a long red duffle bag strapped across her left shoulder, and without a pause in her step did she begin racing down the stairs of the sophomore tower.
"Here's to a new year!" She said mostly to herself as she launched herself into the air off one of the steps in her excitement. Only to, once she hand landed once again, to stumble down the rest of the steps until spiraling out the door of the sophomore tower and lay flat out in the court yard of the girl's dorm. While in something like this, some people would be more concerned with wither or not they had been injured. Then again Eliza, or Ella as she liked it shortened too, wasn't much like some normal people. With the same old smile still plastered across her face did she just push herself off of the ground and start towards the junior tower, which was usually for juniors and seniors but with no seniors this year made it junior's only. Though that little fact didn't slow her stride as she threw the door of the junior tower open and wrestled her way through the door. She only smirked to herself as she launched herself towards the stairs and started climbing those stairs, and in her dazed excitement tended to miss hearing along with passing Violet as she sprinted onwards.
"Home sweet home!" Her voice echoed through the stairwell as without much of a second thought she flung herself towards the Dorm Nine door and briskly shot her key into the socket and flew the door open. Causing it to slam into the wall by it, though by the time it did Ella was already into the dorm room and launched her two tote bags onto the bed and ripped off the duffle bag in no time flat.
"Back at school once again! With this year is going to be the greatest year ever! More explosions, more rule-breaking, and of course without a doubt more fun!!" She exclaimed flopping herself onto the bed she would be in for the rest of the year to come, while her beige irises feel on window that looked out towards the school docks that was just straight south of the school itself. She smiled softly remembering when she was just a freshman and coming with all the other freshman on one of the school's ferries. Along with remembering the getting a ride, a bus, a cab, or a train to Erenius City the closest city to the school's island and main docking place for the school's ferries. "Oh, who am I kidding!" She spoke to herself with a laugh, with a giggle rising in her throat right behind it. "Those that have their familiars, who have already taken Mr. Weiionin's class, can fly here if their lucky." She said throughout her laughing fit, as she rolled back and forth on her bed coming close to falling off several times. "Just because I failed his class, I couldn't keep mine... the yappy little salamander. Oh well!" She pouted at first then began laughing once again, as she rested on her bed not planning on leaving until it was closer till the opening ceremony.


merll serren ash .;.;.
merll .;.;.
sixteen .;.;.
male .;.;.
clairvoyant .;.;.

"Well, here we are in Erenius once again..." The sigh escaped the dirt brown haired guy's mouth as he shifted his bag on his left shoulder. The city of Erenius was fair for a port side city, in his opinion, though other than that it was the grandest place he had ever been. Yet while his face seemed to suggest he wasn't exactly "thrilled" to be going back to Neoline again after going home for the summer, he actually was happy to be going back to the school. To get away from the troubles back home, most of all his cousins and relatives fighting over who should get the largest piece of land that his grandfather had willed to someone in the family, which who ever it was on the original will the name was illegible. Which was one thing he didn't need following him to school, which when he enrolled in the school he had "left out" that bit of information on purpose.
"Ugh..." The moan struggled to get beyond his mouth, as his eyes were closed and his left hand placed gently on his head. From the headache of thinking about home, with the constant yelling and screaming, was even now starting to give him a migraine as he walked down the street towards the port where the Neoline ferries would be for the time being until it was closer to time for the opening ceremony for the new freshman to be introduced to the school. Though all he remembered of his opening ceremony was a long boring speech by one of the teachers along with a hologram introduction by what was supposedly the Headmaster followed by some juniors or seniors idea of making the ceremony more exciting only to have it end in destruction. He gave a hefty sigh as e already had a feeling in his gut that it would happen again this year, and if it didn't something much worse might happen this year.
"It would be nice to have a quiet year this time around..." He muttered mostly to himself as his eyes shot skyward looking at the clear sky, seeming peaceful for the time being. That peace didn't last long as the gaze of the sky went straight to a gaze of the pavement, all because he had tripped over his own left foot. "Just great..." He muttered pushing himself up from the ground to first look behind him and see what had in fact tripped him. Only to look disappointed when he figured out it was his own foot. Then to look what was ahead of him, to crack a slight smile on his mask of non-emotion to see that the port was only a block and a half down the road. With a single huff, he pushed him up to a standing position and begin down the path. "Okay, now I just hope that not all of the ferries have left yet..." He muttered pessimistically to himself as he sprinted towards the pier, intent on catching the next ferry and not having to do a running jump of the pier just to catch it.


ignazio aditeya lambert .;.;.
ignaz .;.;.
seventeen .;.;.
male .;.;.
mage medic .;.;.

Not much was different from the usually around the neon sky blue haired boy's home, or as much as you could call it home. While from just it's own appearance, with the run down carpets and the paint peeling of the walls looked like the house was older than the dirt it stood on. With the piles of broken stuff scattered through the rooms looked like there was fifteen people living in that place. Yet that was just by appearances, while in all reality did only three people live there. Ignazio, his mother, and his father that was all.
Though sitting alone in was Ignazio himself, with a decent sized suit case by his bedside. While his pink blue mixed irises stared out the little window with the glass broken in it. Looking outside and with a gentle smile pressed on his lips, while he gently shifted the tie around his neck. After adjusting his gaze back inside the room did he gingerly push himself up and off the bed only to look at himself in the slightly shattered body mirror. The navy sweater with the snow white dress shirt underneath it. While a nice pair of black dress pants, to match the black tie around his neck. All of the pieces of clothing looked the most out of place in the run down room. Though that didn't seem to take away from anything there.
"Alright, off to catch the train to Erenius. And then off to the Neoline island from the ports." He said confirming the fact mostly to himself as his gaze shifted over to the closet to see the blazer hanging on its hanger, still in the nice plastic protective covering. While in one brisk motion did he grab it from it's pitch and remove it from it's plastic. Taking one moment to look it over before slipping it on and adjusting it slightly. He gave one last look in the mirror, as the smile he had on his face grew a little wider at that moment as he grabbed the handle of his suit case and rushed out of his room and down the stairs. "Goodbye for another year..." He softly whispered as he stopped at the base of the stairs for a mere minute, then sprinting back out the door of the house and running down the path with his suit case following right behind him. Heading for the nearest train station, the start on another journey to Neoline's Island.


christensen wellion dusk .;.;.
chris .;.;.
fifteen .;.;.
male .;.;.
spellsword .;.;.
The soft gaze of green grey stared out of the somewhat clean window of one of the train cars. The gaze belonged to one Christensen Wellion Dusk, as either his stare out the window was either nonexistent or wasn't really paying attention to the train actually coming into another station. Though wither it was one or the other it didn't seem to faze the guy much, yet his slowly rested his chin on his right hand to continued to look out the window.
"Well, some time away from home can't be too bad..." He gently muttered to himself as if on cue his left hand reached out and grabbed the scale black scabbard of his katana that was started to head in the direction of the floor. "Wonder what this place it going to be like... this Neoline Boarding School..." He muttered to himself as his gaze from the outside the train car returned inside and followed an upward direction to look at his bags that were held on the racks above the seats. Looking at them, two medium sized duffle bags and a small roller suitcase, just sitting above him. Having rather mixed emotions about how most of his life, up to now, could fit into two duffle bags and a small roller suitcase.
"Maybe this place won't be so bad." He muttered again as he slowly brought his blade in its scabbard closer to him. Seeming to be a little more conformable with it closer to him than anything else. Yet, he still sat there waiting for the train to get moving once again to get closer to where he was going, Neoline Boarding School. Though first he would have to get to Erenius, as that was the next step at that point.


jay nozumo lux .;.;.
jay .;.;.
fifteen .;.;.
female .;.;.
the demonic mage .;.;.

The slight sigh escaped the light blue grey haired girl's pale pink lips as she dropped herself onto one of the many seats on the school ferry, that was still sitting in Erenius's port for the time being. The sigh seeming more of relief than anything else until her left shoulder bumped against the seat causing her to flinch ever so slightly, and caused her eye's to snap open in shock. Her sunset golden yellow eyes scanned around the inside of the ferry, only to relax a little when she didn't spot anyone else around. At which point she turned her head slightly to look over her left shoulder as her right hand's fingers gently pushed away the pleated dark grey blazer, the navy sweater, along with the white dress shirt only to see some of the yellow dark purple bruise that was trying to heal from the top of her shoulder that went slight father down her back. After getting a fair look at it, did she slowly and gently put the layers of clothing back into place and push herself back in her seat a little more.
The bruise was thanks to her "adoptive" parent home, that had taken her in after her mother's untimely passing and her father's mysterious disappearance along with being forced to go with them. AS their real children had pushed her down the stairs and having her land on her left shoulder blade. She shook her head franticly trying to push those memories out of her head for the time being. Mostly because she wouldn't have to think about them for a whole year at least, as for many sleepless nights she worked through Neoline's admission forms and their tests. Which she cracked a smile when she got the letter she had been accepted and left home that very day. With nothing but a single duffle bag carrying everything she owned.
"At least I'll be there soon..." She said gently as her gaze when down to the duffle bag at her feet, as she head onto the long shoulder strap with both hands. It was very new, with the jet black leather still giving off a nicely polished shine. While it was decorated in numerous runes and symbols sporting an array of different colors. Her uniform was nice and crisp, along with looking ironed and clean as well. "It would be nice if no one there knows of my... dirty little past..." She lamented quietly to herself, just in case if anyone else would have walked in at that moment. Though at that thought her eyes had closed to half, mostly because she really didn't want anyone looking into that past. That past was mainly her, on her own living on the streets and struggling to deal with her Malefic Dynamokinesis ability. She had found some underground mages to help her through it, though also had to learn to lie, cheat, and steal just to survive on her own. While see could remember all too well some of the draw backs from those days as her left hand lifted towards her face and covered her left eye. All because of one large scale  magic relic thief at the Delorini Muesum of Magic History, even though she managed to escape with her face unseen along with getting away with the relics she needed and wanted to grab, it came with a cost. Due to one magical explosion, set off by one of the foolish guards as an attempt to catch her, some of it's shrapnel had scratched her left eye causing it to become partly blind. Which after that heist she decided to get out of the thieving, though as she tried to get out it only managed to bring her back in. Until the "Foster" care system caught wind of her on the streets and took her into the system only a few months back.
"It's nice to be doing something more normal for once." She said gently to herself as she lead back gingerly in her chair, letting her eyes close for another moment. Wondering about two things mostly in her mind. One, being when would this ferry leave for Neoline Island. And two, being would she actually find some friends that wouldn't really care about her past actions or reputation.



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Re: Neoline Boarding School - Can Destiny be Change? Accepting Starting - Read Start Post before Posting

Post  MortemOynx on Fri Mar 27, 2015 4:44 am

-*-Arendellia Burkenstein-*-15-*-Spirit Dancer
The day at the Burkenstein household had started off all the say way it usually does. With the barely visible windows in the basement vibrating from the sounds inside, which hadn't seemed any more different with the cops not showing up just yet. While in the basement the sound that was rattling the windows was none other than music coming from one large stereo with a really heavy base in the background.
"I've got a secret. I'm telling everyone. Don't wanna keep it. I wanna play it dumb. I made a promise. I think I'm ready to break" sounded from the stereo as one girl with two long maple brown pony tails did a punk style spin right in front of the stereo. Wearing what seemed to be a punk inspired outfit as she was dancing in front of the stereo. "It's just a question. There's nothing wrong or right. But your intentions could keep you up all night. You played with fire, you'll need a way to escape." roared from the speakers as the girl in time with the music was making gestures that seemed to represent the words in the music. Also she seemed so in the groove with the music that she couldn't notice the woman that was waiting right by the door of the room she was in. "And when the lights, go-oo out, go-oo out. We're just beginning. And all around, our eyes are looking down. We spin the bottle round, and round, and round, and round!" As the girl had dropped to the ground at the "go out" part only to quickly get back up and do three spins in a row at the "round, and round, and round" moment. Ohly to pause for a moment and take a large breath.
"Truth! Last kiss on the tip of your lips, were they his? Talk, talk!" The girl started singing in time with the music. Which wasn't very great though the voice on the CD happened to cover that up enough. "Was your heart beat beating? Dare! Time's up, are you ready or not?" She continued to sing along, seeming to enjoy the moment as she danced alone with the music as well. Though she was only losing a little breath as she continued along with it. "Talk, talk! So don't stop when you get that feeling now! Ah, aaahaahao aahahaao. Talk, talk! Cause your heart beat beating now! It's just a game." She continued along, only barely finishing the sentence as the woman at the door had finally knocked loud enough to catch the dancer off guard. Which like a domino effect caused her to fall to the ground, knock over some of the props she had in the area, then send her open water bottle flying at her getting her shoulders and hair very wet.
"Arendellia Burkenstein, what have I told you about having the music this loud?" The woman said over the still playing music of the stereo as she walked over to it and turned it off with a flick of the wrist.
"To not play it soo loud in the early hours of the morning..." The dancer recited with the tone of someone how was getting lectured at for like burning someone's house down. "Besides, Mom, I didn't have it up to volume twelve at least."
"Anyways, Arendellia, it's not because of the music or its volume did I come down here." Her mother replied with ease, as she walked easily over to the girl and pulled her up from the ground. "Did you forget what day it is?"
"Ahh, Neko Abuse Awareness day...?" The girl said while shrugging her shoulders as a crystal clear sign that she didn't really know.
"No. It's your first day at Neoline." Her mother gently corrected her as she finger brushed the girl's hair. "So go upstairs and get changed into the uniform and start taking your stuff. And remember, there at Neoline some people won't like you blasting music early in the morning." She said as she drew the girl into a hug only to let her go after a minute or two. "Now go get changed." She said as she pushed the girl towards the door of the room, as Arendellia took off and her footsteps could be easily hear hitting against the stairs, while her mother just watched her go. "Good luck, my little dancing Arendellia."

-*-Zynthia Flamebringer-*-17-*-Witch of Desolation-*-

The day already had a dark beginning for the coal slick black haired girl as she walked down the path towards the Neoline School Building itself. While she was wearing the school uniform, even though the pleated dark grey blazer was a even darker color from the coat of ash that it now bore and the navy sweater was already starting to gain that ashen color as well. While the white dress shit was no longer white in any definition of the word. Then again it was what she liked most, as she was wearing the uniform as school dictated on the Opening Ceremony day, though her infamous yellow ashen witch hat was sitting gingerly on her head. While she would be wearing the cloak like cape as well though she wasn't planning on ticking of the teachers too much on the first day, because she have the other three hundred sixty four days or so to do just that.
"I do things by my own book of rules..." She muttered with a hidden laugh to herself as she was getting ever closer to the school building. Even though she wouldn't be going into the school building itself, as she would head to the dorms first to drop off her own luggage. "Wonder if anything will happen this year... As "nothing" exciting happened last year." She scoffed to herself as the barrage of five roller suit cases connected together followed behind her, jumping back and forth as she turned almost forty five degrees away from the school building to head towards the distant girl's dorms for another long and hopeful not boring school year.

-*-Marthius Elenatent-*-16-*-Magus Crafter-*-

The ticking sound of the clock, the bustling sounds of people moving around the station, along with the occasional spark of magical energy from the train tracks as the trains would come in and leave the station. Listening to all of this was one blond haired guy sitting on a green metal bench wearing the Neoline school uniform while next to him on there bench was a large black duffle bag along with the duffle bag sitting on the ground in front of it. He had been there since early in the morning because his family, mainly his mother, wanted to make sure he would catch the train to get to Erenius. So solution, drop him off at the train station at two in the morning and wait a few hours for his train to actually come. He was menacing the remarks he would give to his family once he would get home after the school year, while sipping a cup of coffee that had already gone cold a two hours back.
After being there for a while and not having much else to do, was he people-watching for a few hours now. Mostly the interesting events and not the "Oh, I forgot my purse" or "causal small talk" between a boy and girl who had just met. He did notice the stares from the ticket tellers, back on hour one of his wait, probably wondering if he with his two duffle bags was planning to either blow up the station or promptly murder someone. Then watching the looks of the security guards when one of the tellers when and told them about it, dubbing the look as the really-really-can-you-not-see-the-boy's-uniform-and-you-think-he's-a-possible-psychopath look. While the only other interesting things were a thief trying to take a old lady's purse and epicly failing with it, one woman that seemed a little too concerned when a gentleman asked her if she was alright, along with two janitors briskly taking off with a cleaning cart with the portable water for the mop though with no water in it yet something was sloshing around in it.
"Please... let the train come soon... As I'll might actually die of boredom around here..." He muttered softly to himself as he leaned back as much as he could on the bench. Closing his eyes of mere seconds as the magical cracking of energy signaled some little hope which caused him to bolt back up straight. Watching as the train slowly came to a stop and once it had opened up the door. Though the guy paused for a moment looking at his ticket to the train and back to his ticket again, it was the same number as the one on his ticket. He briskly stood up straight, chucking the now empty coffee cup into the nearest garbage can, and grabbed both of his duffle bags as he headed towards one of the open doors to board the train. With a large smile plastered on his face, not only to be away from his boredom but to be heading towards Erenius then to Neoline for his second year.

-*-Crow Kyuru Dauku-*-15-*-Divine Mage-*-

While the streets of Erenius where usually busy from anything in the morning to the touch of dusk at night. It was somewhat empty for the day, or at least in the eyes of the white haired guy as he strutted down the street with a duffle bag along with the roller suit case following along behind him. He knew well enough that today was usually a day were Erenius went somewhat quiet, having grown up around the area, because of the flock of students that would be heading to the ports to catch one of the ferries to the island where Neoline Boarding School was. Though this year he would be among those students to go there, after saving up for a while along with a few path time jobs around Erenius to make more of the total. Though without too many problems, and a few thousand sleepless nights, did he get the acceptance letter to Neoline for the coming years. He was excited after all, because Neoline was the best school out there and known to be picky about who gets in to the school. Though knowing he had made it in was even more a miracle than anything else.
The thoughts rolling over and over in his head, as he continued to journey towards the ports. Mostly full of mindless "what-if"s like "what if this is some big joke", "what if the letter I got was false", along with "what if once I get to the island the Headmaster decides to expel me on the spot". Though most if not all of them had no basis in actually fact, along with taking up enough time that when he actually decided to look around he was already in the port and looking towards one of the many Neoline ferries waiting for new and old students there. His neon pink gaze looking over the ferries, looking for the one he should climb aboard to take to the school. After looking each one of them over did he finally decide on boarding the second nearest ferry, that he did in matter of seconds. Though upon walking inside did he notice that he wasn't the only one on the ferry seeing from a glance a girl with what seemed to be blue grey hair. He sighed silently to himself as with a free hand did he shift his tie around on top of his school uniform and slowly walked up to an empty seat on the same row at the girl but a few seats away from her. Placing his bag on the floor and pushed it under his seat with his foot and brought the roller suit case up in front of him. Hoping that nothing too crazy would happen, though remembering his luck briskly threw that thought over board, mental, as he slunk back in his chosen seat.
((Yes I changed Crow's face claim. As I didn't like his original one. Details are back on my forms.))


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Re: Neoline Boarding School - Can Destiny be Change? Accepting Starting - Read Start Post before Posting

Post  princesszelda on Fri Mar 27, 2015 9:32 am

. • ❃ • °
Megan Ilia
Guardian of the Stars

time seemed to slow down as she passed the gates, entering the school's front and taking the time to admire its decors. It was her second time to be there, the first being her enrolment, and yet, the campus still managed to take her breath away. A large fountain peacefully stood in the middle of everything, making itself one of the first things to notice at the school. It had three tiers arranged from the largest to the smallest, and a huge stone carved into the shape of a magic potion sat on top, sprouting water in a wonderful cascade. Surrounding the brilliant structure was a garden full of poppies, daffodils, and azaleas that created an ambience of serenity in the colors of pink, baby blue, lavender, and gold. Megan continued to walk as she watched a small group of sophomores toss pebbles into the fountain, playing skipping stones and laughing when one's stone skipped more than the other's. A short, brunette junior closed her eyes for a few seconds before throwing in a coin, sending ripples into the water.

. • B A M ! • °


Realizing that she had just bumped herself into a pillar, Megan immediately took a wobbly step back, rubbing her now sore forehead as she stared down the ivory concrete with intricate carvings like she wanted to punch it.

She mentally noted, need to stop gaping around. Idiotttttt

With a huff, she continued her walk to the office, this time in a more hasty, I'm-not-bumping-into-anything stride.

. • ☣ • °
Austin Cross
The Dark Knight

"There's my little boy," Mrs. Cross beamed when Austin got downstairs. He was dressed in the school uniform now, the navy blue sweater over the white dress shirt and all. His black tie sat perfectly around his neck, too. He looked like a Neoline Boarding School student. But in the place that he lived in, he looked different. He looked like an aristocrat. Like a stranger. An alien. His town was one of the poorest of the region, so the sight of well-dressed men and women was not very common. Despite this, his family had been doing the best that they could. Ever since his father died in a carpentering accident, his mother had to do something to keep the family alive. This was when her cooking ability came in handy. Mrs. Cross made the best food in the world, as described by her children, and this allowed the Crosses to open a small food stand that gained lots of profit. Just recently, they've gained enough money to purchase a cheap, small restaurant house. Now, it's being set up and the progress is close to finished. Unfortunately, Austin wouldn't be there to witness the grand opening.

"Here comes the gifted one," Ash called from the table, where a delicious breakfast was being served. Ash was Austin's older brother of three years. He, along with Austin, helps out in their food business. There's not much of a physical distinction between the two, except that Ash is taller and a little more lanky, and his face is a little longer compared to Austin's.

"Look at you," their mother approached the younger son, fixing his tie. "You're going to a magic school!"

"Mom," Austin tried to groan, but couldn't help but laugh. Sure, his mother treats him like a kid sometimes, but today would be an exception. Today, they separate. Today, there's nothing wrong with it. He will miss this after all. "And, Ash, stop."

"Oh, c'mon," Ash chuckled. "You're the only one in the family who's inherited the power of the blue fire. So, obviously, you're the gifted one."

"Hold still, dear. You're dressed and ready and all, but your hair is so unkempt!"

"Ha, ha, ha!"

"Whatever, Ash. And, um, Mom, before you even decide to go there, you might want to check the time."

"...Austin! You're going to be late! Hurry, eat your breakfast now and get to the station!"

"AHH I will!"

"Don't forget to bring the lunch I packed for you."

"What? Mom, you do know that the school has a cafeteria. And I'm in high school now. It would be embarrassing and really childish of me to eat 'mommy's' homemade lu--"


"Ha ha ha! I was just kidding!"

Together, they are a hardworking, loving family. One has been taken out, and another would be going away, but they know that their bond would only become stronger and ever unbreakable.

After hastily munching down his last bread, he headed out to the train station.



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Re: Neoline Boarding School - Can Destiny be Change? Accepting Starting - Read Start Post before Posting

Post  Anatee on Fri Apr 03, 2015 3:57 pm

Ayaka Sero Tsuchiya

The blonde haired girl smiled to herself as she quietly rolled her suitcase in the dorm halls. It was her second year at the esteemed Neoline Boarding School. While her first year was a bit hectic (She blames Jameson for that),she did had to admit that it was pretty fun. After her parent's disappearance when she was five, she lived in a large orphanage, that always encouraged everybody's dreams. Except for her's, of course, she did want to be an exorcist after all. One of the caretakers at the orphanage had gotten her a pamphlet for Neoline, and decided to run away. As girl who lives by many morals, this would be out of character for her. But, she wanted to make her dreams come true, so she took that risk.

She stopped in front of Dorm 7, as girls from the past year waved to her. She took a deep breath and opened the door.

Jameson Ryan Truesdale

So much for changing destiny.

That was the boy's exact thought when he realized that his dorm's door wouldn't open. He let out an irritated sigh as he leaned on the wall. He saw pleasant faces coming down the hall, until they saw him. Then they just scurried off. Jameson was infamous around the school, being the mischievous boy who nearly managed to kill his one and only friend, Ayaka, the year before. After that incident, Jameson took off from the school for the last remaining two months. However, because he had average grades, he still was able to graduate. So here he was, waiting for someone to fix his door and then maybe apologize to Ayaka.

For once.

Ariana Lavender Ubiquitous

A loud symphony played in her ears.


The sassy pink haired girl held onto music player as she walked to the freshman dorms. "Hello!" A senior greeted, being unusually perky. The girl rolled her eyes and continued to walk in the dormitory. Many freshman were freaking out about how they got into the school. She let out a heavy sigh, great, more annoying people. "Ooh, do you know your destiny yet?" One asked another girl excitedly. "I got shrine maiden!" One of them squealed.

"Hey hey!" One of them motioned Ariana over.

"Paranormal investigator." Ariana stated bluntly, before heading to her room.

Akane Akio Roku

"Aw, man, what the heck happened to my suitcase?!"

Akane showed a satisfied grin, looking out to the hall. His plan worked, he spray painted someone's white suitcase and all of the clothes in side of it red.

"That's a darn shame," He said with fake sadness, "I think there's a laundry room on the first floor."

"Thanks man!" The victim smiled, before picking up his suitcase and running downstairs.

Little did her know that the paint hasn't dried yet.

Akane cackled a small bit before walking back into his dorm.

"Oh this year's gonna be fun~"


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Re: Neoline Boarding School - Can Destiny be Change? Accepting Starting - Read Start Post before Posting

Post  eliment on Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:17 am

Tally-May found her way to the port to get her to the right location. It wasn't a long trip to take her off this small island of 400 people. About twenty mins to be exacts. She dragged her luggage behind of her and onto the boat. taking her seat she noticed that there was a few wanting to leave the island than normal making the boat more cramped than described. She soon figured it out why her brother never wanted to go to this school. It was too expensive for them to travel there. One, pus then a train ride on top of that the boat it must have cost her parents a fortune. She decided to get a job to help them out during the holiday break.

Once off the boat she made her way to the school and was astonished on how large the grounds looked from the out side. She slowly walked throw the gates then started to look around the grounds.



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Re: Neoline Boarding School - Can Destiny be Change? Accepting Starting - Read Start Post before Posting

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