Golden Tiger (firestar)

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Re: Golden Tiger (firestar)

Post  StarFire on Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:35 am

The girls nodded and found their dorm. They put their stuff down and Caitlin collapsed on the bed. She sighed, "Hey how is Blake anyway?"
"I don't know, I bet he's fine, though" Isabella said pulling out her smartphone to text him.
"I guess we're roommates then." Caitlin looked out the window and pointed out Blake to Isabella, "I see your brother, hes going to the dorms. Isabella peaked over her shoulder and then continued typing.


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Re: Golden Tiger (firestar)

Post  eliment on Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:01 am

"Who died and made you King". Mage said pulling his head back throw the window. He went onto his bed and looked up at the celling. The best thing about the school was that all the rooms were large, had there own bathrooms and study area, and unless there is an increase of students in that year they all get there own rooms.

"Mage give me back that bear now". Kitten yelled.

"Mage I can still smell that cigarette and now your in trouble". Rozen said storming throw the doors and straight to his younger brothers room. He pulled out the cigarette and slapped his younger brother across the head, then went throw his belongings giving him another slap when he saw the bear.

"Hay what was that for? You know far well I didn't pack a thing". Mage said placing his hands over his head.

"You should have checked instead of picking on Kitten". Walking out of the door. He went straight to her room opened the door and throw it at his little sister. Then went to Caitlin & Isabella. He knocked on the door. "OK I recognize the voices. There is a new room being made and it will be ready half way throw the team, so when it's ready you both can have your own room, but you will have to decide among yourselves who stays where"



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