Digimon Adventure [1x1 with Ember]

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Re: Digimon Adventure [1x1 with Ember]

Post  CrimsonIzanagi on Sun May 10, 2015 5:17 am

Mimi Tachikawa - Partner Digimon :: Palmon
Not much could be though of as the cliff broke away from the rock face and started tumbling down to towards the river below. With Mimi holding onto Palmon as she send out her finger vines towards the rock wall grabbing onto something to hopeful keep the two of them from falling. Yet the same place that Palmon had latched onto broke away with the weight added onto it. Sending them falling again with the others.

Takeru "T.K" Takaishi - Partner Digimon :: Patamon
Once the falling had begun did Patamon grab onto T.K. trying to fly with him. Though after a few flaps of it's wings it wasn't enough to keep both of them airborne and caused them to fall again as well. Joining the others in fall once again.

Joe Kido - Partner Digimon :: Gomamon
Joe, to say the least was screaming all the way down. With Gomamon not far off from where he was falling. And it was only in a matter of river below the both of them hitting the water with a splash. Once they had hit did Gomamon come back to the surface, "Fish Net!" he shouted as in a matter of seconds did a variance in fish of shape, some, and color. Which had managed to bring Joe back and resting on the backs of the fish, though creating a net for the others to land on as well.

Crystal Aikohiko - Partner Digimon :: Coronamon
She with Coronamon, holding onto him with all her might. As she knew Coronamon couldn't fly or even hover though for now it was the only comfort she had in the fall. Clearly expecting to hit the water or the ground and it would all be over. Though what she hit instead was a soft landing on the back of thousands of fish. Now more relieved that someone had managed to get them out of that mess.

Markius Damonion - Partner Digimon :: Lunamon
On the mathematic stand point, he though it was over. He was going to end up at the bottom of a cliff, broken, bruised, and probably a few other things. Like Kuwagamon bait. With his eyes closed shut and clearly Lunamon hanging onto him with her arms grabbed around his neck. With he was going to hit the bottom or black out due to lack of breath, it was up in the air, no pun intended. Though just as he though it was over did he find the landing to be softer than he expected it to be landing on the back of thousands of fish, and seeing some of the others there as well.

Matt Ishida - Partner Digimon :: Gabumon
He along with Gabumon had fell form the cliff with everyone else. Whatever he was thinking wasn't the most clear either, wither it was going to be the end or just a beginning. Could be called on the toss of a coin. Though he landed on the Fish Net along with the others that had already hit it, he and Gabumon landing with the others there. Seeming to be in the clear for now.



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Re: Digimon Adventure [1x1 with Ember]

Post  Ember1989 on Sun May 10, 2015 7:21 pm

Brittany Kizumi: Partner Digimon: Salamon

"Great thinking, Gomamon!" Salamon cheered as they were all safe on the fish.

"Yeah nice catch." Brittany cheered.

Sora Takenouchi- Partner Digimon: Biyomon

"Now we are safe from those two." Biyomon said. "Wich means we can relax for now." Sora added.


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