Disney Descendants 1x1 with Niahearts

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Disney Descendants 1x1 with Niahearts

Post  Starla_Tiffany on Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:28 pm

It's about how the mermaid hunters are after Ariel's descendant Alex.


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Re: Disney Descendants 1x1 with Niahearts

Post  Starla_Tiffany on Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:33 pm

Name: Lilly (Rachel)
Age: 22
Bio: She was an orphan, raised by the dark side. However, her real origin will be discovered during her hunt for the princess. She believes that after the hunt, it would be her last mission and that she can have her own happiness without being control. Her real name is Lilly but, she thinks its too girly so she used Rachel instead. She losses her power if she doesn't find the princess soon. 


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Niahearts Form

Post  Starla_Tiffany on Sun Aug 16, 2015 12:13 am

Name: Alexandria "Alex" Marine
Age: 21
 Alex is the Descendant of Princess Ariel. 
 For her protection of Mermaid Hunters and the deadly watera oft e deep, her parents brought her onto land and was adopted by a human couple after finding her on the beach.
 She has always loved the water, and knew she had been always different, but she thought herself a freak because of her differentness. 
 She wants to live on her own far away from the coast and to a small town to make a life of her own.
 Enjoys collecting antiques, trying new things with her hair, music, and sappy and cute children movies.
 Since she does not know of her true origin, she has not gotten her "Mermaid Abilities".


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Re: Disney Descendants 1x1 with Niahearts

Post  Starla_Tiffany on Fri Oct 23, 2015 7:03 am

( Start!)

On a rainy night, Rachel knocked on a apartment door that she knew had an available room so she can rent.

Alex, who was up trying to fix the leaky faucet because the sound was driving her crazy, got up, hitting her head on the cabinet. "Ow! **** it! Coming!" She rubbed her head and went to the door, wondering who the hell would be knocking at a time like this on a night like this. 

"Oh, uh.... Yeah, sure," Alex said, rubbing her head. "Sorry about that....got a leaky faucet and was trying to fix it."She opened the door and asked, "What?"

"Well that's a nice greeting," Rachel said, with a chuckle. "I heard about the available room here and I was hoping I can stay."

Rachel nodded, bringing her luggage with her. So, she did come prepared to move in. She looked around the house as she walked in.

"Um, what is your name?" Alex asked, not sure letting in a total stranger is the best idea.

" Oh, my bad. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Rachel," Rachel told her. Her real name is not Rachel though.

"Got a last name, Rachel?" Alex asked.

"Uh.. Paxton," Rachel lied, not that it mattered that she didn't know her full real name. Or at least that'd way she thought.

"Right, got it." Alex made a note of that. "So, uh, the bedroom is upstairs, but do you know how much rent it costs and stuff?"

"Alright then... Make yourself at home then," Alex said.

"Welcome," Alex said, walking upstairs and showing her the extra bathroom and then her room.
" I already feel like I'm at home," Rachel and, with a smile. Except maybe her old place at another world was bigger, wider and much darker.

"Cool. I'm just gonna wait until the morning to xall my brother to fix this dumb thing," Alex said, talking about the sink.

" Oh..you have a brother.." Rachel said, trying to sound enthusiastic even though having a extra person might just interrupt her plans.

"Yeah. He can be a real *** sometimes. But he's cool," Ariel said, cleaning up the kitchen a bit.

" I guess I'd 'have' to meet him tomorrow then," Rachel said.

"Well, yeah. He practically lives here," Alex stated.

" Just my luck," Rachel mumbled, not exactly happy with an extra guest.

"Alright, so, I'll tour you around," Alex said, walking upstairs.

" Great. Thank you," Rachel said, walking upstairs with Alex.

"Welcome," Alex said, walking upstairs and showing her the extra bathroom and then her room.

" Woah, it's pretty big for one," Rachel commented, moving her luggage into the room.

(The Next Day)

Rachel wakes up early, from sleeping on an unfamiliar bed and gets freshened up for the new day. She attempts making hot coca since she needs her 'sugar' by using magic. That's when she freaked out. " Omg omg!" She said, when the machine caught on fire the minute she casted her magic.

Alex smelt smoke and ran in, seeing the fire. "What the hell?!" She got her cold water on and used the spray to put it out.

" I am so sorry! I-I was just trying to make hot coca and then that happened!" Rachel explained.

Alex frowned. "I-Its okay, uh....its old. It probably has some kinks."

" Right..so, umm is the sink working now?" Rachel asked her, changing the topic.

"Not yet, he hasn't...." Alex heard the door open and saw her brother walk in. "Oh, there he is."

"Hey, sorry I am late," Oliver said, walking over and smelt smoke. "Whoa, burn something again, Alex?"

Alex rolled her eyes. "Oliver, meet my roommate, Rachel."

" Hi and actually I did that. It was totally an accident though," Rachel said, with a sigh.

"Oh.... Well, accidents happen," Oliver said, shrugging and grinned.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Clean the kitchen while you're at it, Ollie." She went to take a shower.

" I'd just 'help' clean then," Rachel offered, even though she usually uses magic to clean up any mess.

"So, Rachel, you just move here?" Oliver asked as he started to clean up a bit.

" I moved in yesterday," Rachel replied, using a towel to help dry up the counter.

"Oh wow. Where are you from?" Oliver asked.

" Uh..I have been around here for a while," Rachel lied, probably because she didn't want to say she's from another world.

"Haven't seen you around," Oliver said, starting to work on the leaky faucet.

" Well I have work all the time so, I don't really..'meet' a lot of people," Rachel said. So, she does work at the Café and meets a lot of people it's just she doesn't talk much.

"Where you work at?" Oliver always asked questions to people he didn't know.

" I worked at the Café just a couple of streets from here," Rachel said. " Hey, do you need help with that?" She asked him, about the faucet.

"Nope, almost got it," Oliver said.

" Great," Rachel said.

Edward knocked on the apartment door, flowers behind him for Alex.

"Ollie, can you get that?!" Alex called.

Oliver sighed as he got up. "I do everything for her," he muttered, opening the door. He saw Edward and smiled, since they were best friends. "Yo, Ed."

" Hey! Uh, is Alex here?" Edward asked him, after clearing his throat.

Rachel was tempted to use magic to fix the faucet but didn't want to flood the place so she tries to ignore it.

"She just got into the shower, come on in," Oliver said. "So, are you two together or broken up, again?"

" You could say in the middle," Edward said, with a nervous chuckle before entering the house.

"I see," Oliver said. "Ed, this is Rachel, Alex's new roommate. Rachel, this is Edward, Alex's on again off again boyfriend."

"Oh hi," Rachel greeted with a smile.

" Hello Rachel, another girl in the house I see," Edward said, with a grin at Oliver.

"Yep," Oliver said.

Alex came out in a towel and her hair in a wet braid. She really didn't care who was in her house, but then she saw Edward and scrunched her nose. "Why you here?"

" I came to tell you that I'm sorry about yesterday, " Edward stated.

Rachel stepped back and just watched them.

Alex sighed. "I'm sorry, too. You know I get jealous easy."

"This is their thing. They get together, then Alex gets angry and they take "breaks" and get back together," Oliver explained to Rachel.

Edward nodded with a smile, before handing her some flowers that he brought her. " And these are for you," he said.

Rachel chuckled. " Love is just gross however you say it," she said, not exactly the lovey dovey type.

Alex grabbed the flowers and smiled. "Thanks, Edward." She kissed his lips.

"You can say that again," Oliver agreed, going back to fixing the faucet.

(Later On)

Rachel accidentally turns Edward into a frog at the Café just after she saw Alex leave from an argument. She didn't know why she exactly did what she did. It could be her first attempt to help Alex out with her relationship or just annoyed with it. " I probably shouldn't have done that.." she said, after she realized the spell failed.

Alex didn't realize, but came back to make a snappy remark at Edward, but only saw a freaked out Rachel and a small frog. "Where did Edward go....?"

" Umm..he left.." Rachel lied, still freaked out that she turned a human into a frog.

Alex sighed. "Right....."

" Want some umm..coffee? Coffee on me," Rachel offered, with a nervous smile. She picked up the little frog and put it in a container.

"No, I'm fine. Coffee makes me jumpy," Alex said.

" Oh okay so, do you..by any chance no 'anyone' who can keep this little frog just 'temporarily'?"Rachel asked her, maybe because she doesn't know what to do with Edward who is a frog now.

"Uh.... Why do you wanna keep a frog?" Alex rose an eyebrow.

" Uh yeah. I-I love frogs.." Rachel lied. She was not about to tell Alex that she turned her boyfriend into a frog.

"Alright.... I'll take it home with me," Alex said.

" Take real care of it. Just please don't let it die!" Rachel told her, in a serious tone. So, she knows she's not the best 'person' in this world but she kind of at least owes Alex her boyfriend back.

"Alright, alright, geez.... It won't die," Alez said.

Rachel nodded before gently picking up the container with the little frog and hand it to Alex. " It's getting a bit late maybe you should go home and I'd meet you back home," she said. She was thinking about having some alone time at the store before she locks it up and heads to the apartment.

"Yeah.... need to coop off after dumb Edward," Alex said, holding the container.

" Right, and maybe a warm bath might help," Rachel said, with a smile. She was planning on testing some magic spells on herself and hope it works on Edward.

"Maybe." Alex sighed. "See you at home."

Rachel nodded before making sure Alex has left. She ran into her kitchen and started popping some spells that she tested on herself. By the time, she came out of kitchen her hair was green and she looked like she went through a tornado.

Rachel walks home after locking up the Café. She was so tired with using her magic that she didn't look at a mirror until she arrived by at the apartment. " I am so..tired..." she said, once she's back at the apartment.

Alex was chilling on the couch and her eyes went wide when she saw Rachel. "What the hell happened to you?"

" W-What are you talking about..?" Rachel asked her, with a yawn.

"Your hair?! And how you look like you got mugged," Alex said.

Rachel gave her a confused look before going to the bathroom to see what's going on. "AHHHHHH!!!!!!" She screamed, when she found herself looking like a disaster.

Alex cringed. "Okay then...."

" I can't believe that happened!" Rachel said, after she came out from the bathroom.

"What did?" Alex asked.

" Just bad day at work.." Rachel said, with a sigh. She's hoping that the spell wears off soon.

"Alright then...." Alex sighed. "Your little froggy friend is in an old fish bowl I had back from when I actually had fish."

" I'd just feed it later. I need to just sit down for a while.." Rachel said, before slowly sitting down on the other couch and somewhat falls fast asleep.

Alex looked at her and shook her head. She got up and went to her room to lay dow..

Rachel takes a nap for the next three hours.

Oliver came to ask Alex for some advice, but when he walked in and saw Rachel with green hair, not realizing its her in the dark, he yelled.

Rachel fell off the couch and woke up from the yelling. "What?!" She said, not waking up the best way.

Oliver held his hand over his chest. "What the hell happened to you?"

" Bad day at work...more like a disaster.." Rachel muttered, annoyed that her spells caused her into a mess.

"I can tell...." Oliver said before Alex came down.

"Cant a girl get some sleep in her own home?!" Alex groaned.

" I was having an amazing sleep until someone freaked out," Rachel said, before heading to the kitchen because she was starving now.

"Well, sorry, you looked like you had gotten ready for Halloween," Oliver rolled his eyes.

Felicity glared at him. " I'm making not the one who yelled like a girl and woke up your sister," she said.

Oliver rolled his eyes. "I'm leaving anyway."

" Well you can miss out my spaghetti and meatballs then," Rachel said. So, she's actually gonna cook with no magic this time, nothing can possibly go wrong.

Oliver stopped really liking spaghetti and meatballs. 

"You have him hooked," Alex said.

"He should be. I love 'making' spaghetti and meatballs," Rachel said.

"Well, I got to do something, but I'll be back," Oliver said.

" So..should I save you some or let Alex and I eat it all?" Rachel asked.

"Save me some," Oliver said.

" Okey-dokie," Rachel said, before making the spaghetti from scratch. For some reason, this was one thing she can try and limit herself with magic. So, it will be edible just not delicious.

Alex went to her room to do something and look after that dumb frog.

Rachel went to take a shower after she finished making the spaghetti and meatballs. She got powder all over her before.

Alex tried calling Edward 500 times, but he was ignoring her. "Pft.... He's never done this before," she muttered.

Rachel was so happy her hair turned back into normal since the magic weared off. "Hey! Dinner is ready!" Rachel called out.

Alex walked down, frowning. "You said Edward left the cafe after I did, right?"

" Uh, yeah. Why?" Rachel asked her.

"I haven't been able to reach him," Alex said.

" Oh..maybe he has his phone off," Rachel said, as she plated the dishes.

Alex sighed. "I really hope he's not that mad at me...."

" Nah..hey, why don't we start dinner now before it gets cold?" Rachel suggested, trying to avoid the topic about Edward.

"Sure," Alex said, feeling hungry before Oliver came in.

"Hey, here," Oliver said, grinning.

" We were just about to start before you came," Rachel stated.

"Oh. Thanks," Oliver sarcastically said.

"Just make a **** plate," Alex told him.

Rachel chuckled.

Soon, they all made their plates and ate their share of spagehtti.

Rachel glanced at Oliver and Alex's reaction on her spaghetti after they ate.

Alex was drinking a beer to get the bland taste out of her mouth.

" Is it really that bad?" Rachel asked Alex, a little bit nervous.

"No, no," Alex cleared her throat.

"Phew..I was hoping it wasn't that bad," Rachel said, with a nervous chuckle.

"It really wasn't," Alex assured her.

" What about you? Was it bad for you? " Rachel asked Oliver, curious.

"Well, uh... It we as edible," Oliver said.

Rachel took a bite into her spaghetti before having a gross look on her face. " It's so plain.." she said.

"You just need some sauce," Oliver said.

" It wasn't this bad in the other world.." Rachel muttered, while looking down at her plate.

" It wasn't this bad in the other world.." Rachel muttered, while looking down at her plate.

Alex was getting worried after not hearing from Edward and was riding around to find him. But it had been hours and she hadn't found him in the town so she left back home.

Edward was making frog noises as a frog in the house.

Alex got in the house, wiping her teary eyes. "He's really done with me...."

Edward couldn't really hear what Alex was saying as a frog, stuck in a container but he didn't like seeing her cry.

Rachel popped into this one house where she finally agreed with whoever lived their's taste.

Oliver had just walked inside when he saw Rachel and paused. "Rachel?"

Alex looked at the frog. "What are you looking at?"

" Yeah.." Rachel responded, still dumbfounded on how dell explain getting inside the hair in the first place.

Edward hopped as frog.

"What are you doing here?" Oliver asked.

Alex rolled her eyes and went over, grabbing the frog and went outside to let him go.

" T-The door was opened and I thought I saw something.." Rachel lied, nervously mostly because it's a dumb lie when be just unlocked the door. 

And that's when Edward turned back into a human, the minute Alex touched him.

Oliver narrowed his eyes. "How about you tell me what you're really doing here."

Alex screamed and jumped, falling onto the floor.

Oliver narrowed his eyes. "How about you tell me what you're really doing here."

Alex screamed and jumped, falling onto the floor.

Oliver grabbed her arm. "Talk, Rachel."

"I-I should be asking you that!! What the ****!?" Alex held her hand over her chest.

" Come on, it's not that big of deal on how I came in," Rachel said, with a nervous chuckle. 

" I don't know! I was at the Café for one second then this!" Edward said.

"I'm calling the police,"Oliver said, getting his phone out.

"You.... You were just a frog!!" Alex said.
" No! Don't! " Rachel said, before snapping her fingers behind to cause the phone to disappear.

" What!?" Edward questioned her, giving her the crazy confused loon.

Oliver's eyes went wide and he looked at her. "What the hell?!"

Alex shook her head as she stood up. "You....frog...."

" I didn't do anything.." Rachel lied, not really trying to expose magic but he kind of forced her to when he brought up the cops.

" I don't remember being one at all," Edward stated.

"Where's my phone?" Oliver didn't like this.

Alex frowned. "I don't get any of this ,

" If I help you find your phone, you better promise not to call the cops," Rachel stated.

Edward nodded in agreement. " I think we might be seeing things or something.." she said.

"I won't if you tell me what you're really doing here," Oliver said.

"Maybe...." Alex looked at him and hugged him. "I missed you."

" Fine, I'm here to look for a girl and I don't see her here," Rachel admitted.

" I missed you too," Edward said, hugging her.



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Re: Disney Descendants 1x1 with Niahearts

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