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Post  harpa on Fri May 06, 2016 4:40 pm

Hello everyone!  ciao_ciao 

Welcome to the fantastic English forum! Make a presentation about you so that we can know you better.

Just fill this form with your basic information.

★ User name:
★ Country:
★ Birthday:
★ Favorite Winx:
★ Favorite Specialist:
★ Favorite Pixie:
★ Favorite Pet:
★ Favorite season:
★ Favorite movie:
★ Favorite year season:
★ Favorite singer:
★ Favorite band:
★ Top of favorite songs:
★ Passion:
★ Qualities:
★ Defects:
★ Lucky number:
★ Favorite color:
★ Favorite quote:
★ Favorite web-sites:
★ Other informations:

Have fun and meet other users!



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