THE END - Open for everybody! :3

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THE END - Open for everybody! :3

Post  Lily07 on Mon Aug 15, 2016 4:38 am

OPEN! :33

It's been two years since the world changed completely.
Some cities are now under water, forever lost in the endless ocean.
Others, are now covered in snow, with animals walking over them without realizing all that has been lost.
A few turned into desserts, forever hiding the tall buildings that used to be there.

Nature took over, and the remaining humans that were able to survive the indescribable catastrophe had to start all over again: building villages and towns with the wood they got from trees, hunting what they could, starting everything from scratch...

No one ever knew why or how this all happened. Many have wondered, but no answer was ever given.
But as the first year passed, people stopped worrying about this. No matter the reason, life was the way it was, and they had to learn how to move on, how to survive.

As the second year came, the new reality was fully assumed. People were trying hard to adapt to this new way of life, yet still they missed the old days, when everything was easier and happier, despite everything.

And here, during the beginning of a new era in mankind's history, is where our story begins. In a small town built by a few survivors under the protection of a great forest, nearby a sunken city now covered by water.
Here is where we'll meet our characters:

Role in the village:

I'll post my character tomorrow and finish the story *3*

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Re: THE END - Open for everybody! :3

Post  Lily07 on Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:27 pm

Name: Jane Gordon
Age: 20
Role in the village: farmer (in charge of taking care of the chickens and ducks, and getting the eggs)
Bio: When the catastrophe happened, or the "apocalypse" as some called it, Jane wasn't ready.
She was going back to her house when she heard the screams. People were yelling things like "wave", "water" and "run!", yet she didn't really understand what was going on.
Needless to say, when the wave got to that part of the city, Jane was taken by surprise, and was in no way prepared for what happened next.
Thanks to some wood planks, she was able to survive the rising waters. She held on tight to them, and just floated as the water took her away. She was lucky enough not to hit any buildings as she was dragged by the water, but she was one of the few. Many people died during that inicial, giant, wave.
The thing is, she didn't even live near a beach. They were kilometers away from the nearest coast city.

A week later, after only being able to float and noting else, she and other survivors managed to reach higher terrain, which was thankfully dry.
Starving as they were, they tried to build some rafts so as to be able to go back to the city and "fish" anything they could find.
Soon, the group who did so came back with some fruits, vegetables, and cans that for some reason were floating around.
Sure, it wasn't much, but for them, all that food was a miracle.

Only some time after that was Jane able to process the fact that her parents were most likely dead. She had tried to deny it for some days, but the truth hit her hard when she finally decided to admit that they weren't coming back.
She was 18 when this happened.

Two years have passed, and those few survivors have made a small village there, near the sunken city. With wood from the forest they found nearby, and water taken from the city, which was oddly not salty, they were able to prosper.
And after they found some wild animals, and some farm animals that had survived, like ducks and chickens, they finally had a source of food they could rely on.

So, the tasks were divided between the survivors, and Jane asked to be part of the farms.
And that's where her new life began.

Personality: Really quiet, but not shy at all. She just doesn't like talking much to people, and prefers the company of the animals at the farm. She's very curious and loves reading, but after the whole catastrophe, there weren't many books left, so she just enjoys reading the same two or three books she had found, over and over again.
After losing her family, she became a lot more absentminded, and now she often finds herself daydreaming, or just staring at things while she thinks. She also likes talking to the animals, even if people think that's weird.
Despite all this, if she thinks something is unfair, or if she doesn't like something, she will speak up.
Looks-Image: (i'll draw her later >w<)


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