Role of each administrator of the site

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Announcement* - Closed Role of each administrator of the site

Post  juleic1123 on Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:48 pm

Hello, everyone!
First, we want to thank you for your work to keep the forum organized and clean. If you are reading this is because you play an important role in this site. We, the staff of the forum, depend on you guys to survive! You, member, are the most important user in the website. Without you, this wouldn't exist!

In this topic, you will find the work that each individually or together administrator has. So, if in doubt about a particular issue you have, you will know which admin you should talk to.

Arrow Matiix & Juleic1123 - Creators of Winx Adventure and some sections and features of the site. Any questions about these two things, they can enlighten you. They work together.

Arrow Juleic1123 - Creator of the site and responsable for its design. He puts most of the games and news on the site.

Arrow thedoniee - thedoniee is a very active and funny user. Her function is to give ideas and advise all admins and moderators. She also oversees the topics and maintains order in the forum, always intervening when necessary.

Arrow liitleblackdress and harpa -  Mostly responsable for the publication of signatures on the Internet and on the user profiles. They also do the translation of certain ads for the site.

Arrow WinxClubStaff - Account created to offer all the gifts you receive in Winx Adventure.

Users that deserve to be honored
Although this topic is about administrators, there are users that helped a lot and without them the site wouldn't be the same.

Arrow Pattricia - Official PT Moderator, Pattricia played an important role in the remodeling the website. She helped a lot in the home page login system as well as the background of the site and the mini-games.

If you have questions do not hesitate to ask!

- Administrators



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