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Post  29princesspuppy on Sun Nov 02, 2014 3:17 pm

hola mi amigos! 29princesspuppy here! and boy do I wanna roleplay! Laughing
about meh:hi! im 29princesspuppy, but call me whatever you want! Cool so ive been roleplaying for a few years now and I freaking love it! its so fun, and im hoping this post will help me get some good roleplays going and I can make some new friends on this forum! Very Happy I can't roleplay in lit yet, but I can do normal roleplay and semi-lit roleplay, so yeah!
timezone: *opera* goooood save the queeeeeeen!!!! yeah, im a brit Razz so im on british timezone, but its fine, because i'll work as best i can with any timezone! Cool
wordcount: i cant really match up words- but i'll match scentences! (or i'll try Laughing )
activity: from now on i will at least check the forum every day! sunny
language: i probably dont have to explain that i speak english, do i? XD but i do speak basic spanish as well albino
chatting: hehe dont worry, if u want to chat, ill chat with you! BUT please use some form of brackets to indicate youre chatting!

what i expect from you....
please post AT LEAST once a day- please? let me know if your going anywhere
chatting: use brackets... or else! Laughing
word counts: dont worry, i dont mind if you can only write a one or two scentences- it doesnt bother me in the least.
roleplays i REEEEAAALLY wanna do!
HETALIA!!!! ( a favourite anime of mine, i can be any of the F.A.C.E. family :3)
Any pretty cure!!! (i will do most seasons, and pretty much any character)
Doctor who!!! (doctor or companion, i dont mind!)
mythical creatures (i like roleplaying things such as mermaids, fairies, or werewolves)
vocaloid (certain plotlines only, but still...)
if you wanna roleplay with me- any of these- send me a PM like... NOW! im soooo pumped! :cooltime:

roleplays i'll do anyway
Tokyo mew mew
Sailor moon
avatar (korra only though...)
science fiction
winx club
people with powers (witches, sorcerers, ect)

roleplays i WONT do:
my little pony
most disney things
tv shows other than doctor who
random "lets see where it goes" roleplays
heavy romance
ect ect

anyway- i hope to roleplay soon! if you have interst with roleplaying with me- please PM me right away! :cooltime: whoop whoop!
*dance-runs away singing the lyrics of "maru kaite chikyuu" to the doctor who theme music* Laughing


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Re: Search for a 1x1 rp

Post  Ember1989 on Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:17 pm

Hey Ember1989 here. I'm looking for an rp that wont die on me. I just love to rp!

About me: As I already said I'm Ember1989. But feel free to call me Ember or Em. I'll join almost any rp. Feel free to pm me and ask me if I'm interested. RP's I will do are Divergent, Big Hero 6, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twilight, Vampire Knight, Vampire academy, frozen, House of Night, black butler, pokemon and Digimon, rise of the guardians, hunger games, vampire diaries, once upon a time and the originals.

Time zone: I'm actually uncertain. But I can say I live on the east coast of Canada.

Word count: I try, emphasis on TRY to do a few lines. Sometimes I can do 3 lines.

Activity:I'm active all day everyday with the exception of 90 minutes on weekdays.


Chatting: I use brackets when chatting, And try to keep it to a minimum of just a few words as I don't want the rp to die.

What I expect from you

Activity:post at least one to twice a day please. And if you can't post one day it's okay, I understand a lot of you are busy.

Word count:I like to respond to long posts so if you could post a paragraph you may get more than 3 lines from me.

Chatting: use brackets () when chatting in an rp with me, and have fun!


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Re: Search for a 1x1 rp

Post  CrimsonIzanagi on Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:19 pm

'Ello, ScarletDrakon/CrimsonIzanagi here. Looking for an RP, that hopeful won't die after a few posts.

RP I will Do ::
Digimon (Any Season with OCs please)
Pokemon (Any Reigion with Legendaries and our own plot line) (with OCs)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (As I've had some ideas on how to make it work...) (with OCs)
Ever After High
Warriors (off of the Warrior Cats series with OCs)
Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren't They (with OCs)

RP I will not Do ::
Anything FNAF based
Anything with canon characters (as Im not good at playing canon characters)

Time Zone :: Rocky Mountain Time Zone

Word Count :: Varying from three lines to seven lines (depending on my mood)

Activity :: I'm fairly active around here

Language :: English

Chatting :: I don't mind it, as long as it's in brackets

What I Expect from an RP partner ::

Activity :: Please at least one or twice a week for postings. Even better once daily.

Word Count :: Just more than one line. (As those drive me crazy)

Chatting :: In brackets please.

If Your interested PM me! And I don't mind if it's more than just one RP either!



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Re: Search for a 1x1 rp

Post  MadamePhantomTrancy on Sun Jul 03, 2016 9:23 pm

Nobody is going to see this most likely as it hasn't been posted in since gone last year, but if you like any of the following, I'm looking for a roleplay in them:

-Steven Universe (Normal or high school/human AU is fine. You would need to control two gems though, to avoid conflict over who does which fusions)

-Miraculous Ladybug

-Undertale (Most likely a pacifist or human AU, but I'm open to genocide route)

-Free Iwatobi Swim Club (As OCs who attend the school and whatnot)

-Black Butler

If you are interested in any of these, don't hesitate to private message me about them ouo


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Re: Search for a 1x1 rp

Post  EmiHaru on Wed Jul 06, 2016 8:47 pm


Hi, it's EmiHaru, but just call me Elia! I really enjoy RPs of any kind. So, in you want someone to rp with you, don't hesitate and contact me. Just sorry for my mistakes/typos/whatever, but I'm still learning English grammar.
I RP since 2010 on the original forum, but since that forum closed, I stopped for a while.
But lately I restarted roleplaying a bit and I made a buch of rp generes.


My posts: I can write a paragraph of three or four lines. I try do describe as much detailed as possible. I repeat my English is not perfect, so I can make grammar mistakes and horrible typos. If you make me notice my mistakes, that would be very appreciated.
Timing: My timing is Europe, Rome UTC/GMT+1, so it's possible I won't be online the same time as you, but everything it's possible.
Characters: As characters, I usually go by Soul Evans, Death the Kid, Black Star, Tadashi Hamada, Wirt, Jason Funderberker, every Touhou character, Rick Sanchez, Bill Cipher, Dipper or Stanley Pines. I also use OCs, and I have a huge amount of them. I don't mind OOC/IC. My charas can be of any sexuality and gender identity (it can be male, female, transgender or nonbinary. If you're not confortable with transegendered/nonbinary charas, just tell me).
Limits: I don't do furry/fursonas rps. That's all.


✘Be active. I don't want you to reply me at moment. I just don't want you to abandon the RP. And if you want to, please, tell me: don't be afraid.
✘Don't use text typing
✘Don't use images as references while we roleplay avoiding to describe you character's emotions/clothes/hair/whatever
✘Don't make Mary Sues/Gary Stues/Overpowered charas.


RP i do:
→ Any ship involving the made up charas I rp; even OCxCC.
→ Soul Eater
→ Touhou
→ Gravity Falls
→ Over the Garden Wall
→ Any AU but Vampires/Werewolves
→ Colleges
→ Demons/Monsters Hunters
→ Love stories
→ Magical Girls/Boys
→ LGBTQIA+ focused plots
→ Homosexual
→ Love Triangles/Polyamory

RP i don't do:
→ NSFW as the rules forbids them
→ Furry/Fursonas



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Re: Search for a 1x1 rp

Post  eliment on Mon Sep 05, 2016 8:01 pm

Don't have many limits on what I won't do. Within the rules of the site.

Will do
Vampire knight (Something different followed the anime a few times)
Fairy Tail
Harry Potter
A little Princess Sara
Spider Riders
Love things with Magic myths and Ledgans.

Wont do
Descriptions what should be in a horror film
Hunger games (Like the film but not as a role play)



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Re: Search for a 1x1 rp

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